Say hello to your new smile

Exclusive for Guardian members

We think everyone deserves the healthy, confident smile of their dreams. That’s why we’re partnering with Guardian to offer our invisible aligners at an exclusive price. In addition, our Byte Advisors are always available to talk with you about pricing and plans that’ll work best for you.

How Byte Works

Take your impressions

Start by ordering an Impression Kit, which we ship straight to you. Follow the easy instructions to take molds of your teeth and upload a few selfies (the whole process only takes about 20 minutes). Then just send the kit back to us for FREE!

Preview your smile

Byte will send you an interactive 3D model that shows your new and improved smile. Nothing like looking into the future and seeing something that’s really worth smiling about! 

Order your aligners

If you like what you see, our Byte Advisors will work with you to help you order your own custom aligner system. It’s all part of making sure you feel as comfortable as possible starting on the journey to your new smile.

Why Byte is Better

The Perks


Exclusive pricing for Guardian members

Want a great smile at an affordable price? Guardian members get special benefits that reduce costs on both All-Day and At-Night Aligner systems.


Original Price

Your Cost


All-Day Aligners




At-Night Aligners

*If your dental policy includes orthodontics, you may be eligible for a reduced price at checkout

Policy holder

One-time payment and financing options available.

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Want more to smile about?

In addition to the discount dental insurance members receive on Byte Aligners, we’re also offering a $50 discount on a BrightByte Pro Teeth Whitening Kit. Use code GUARDIANBRIGHT at checkout. 

The BrightByte Pro features cutting-edge LED technology that removes deep stains safely and efficiently. Act now and you’ll get professional-grade teeth whitnening in just 10 minutes a day—and at an exclusive price. 

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